Musician - Mandolin, Guitar, Fiddle, Ukulele



Mandolin, Guitar, Ukulele, and Fiddle

Learn To Play Along with Everything from the Comfort of your home!

What Students have to say:

"He is warm and friendly, always willing to help with projects and is incredibly adaptable in dealing with diverse questions during a lesson. As a former educator I am delighted to see how quickly he can change gears and answer the apparently random questions I have- from keys to chords, fingering positions, relationships of scales, style questions and the how-to's of a group pick, Tyler answers the questions I have with grace and enthusiasm.

-Thad E.

"I find Mr. Rennix to be very helpful as a teacher. He always takes time to ensure I feel comfortable as a student and he is very patient through my lessons. I appreciate his teaching methods and I have come a long way since I started lessons last year. He is very good at keeping me motivated and reminding me that music takes years. He is very approachable and easy to work with"

Jessica B.


Hands on approach to learning to identify all the pieces to be able to quickly figure out any song on the spot and be able to play along.


Skills You Will gain from lessons

  1. How to identify the key, chords, and melody to any song of your choice.
  2. How to understand utilizing the whole fretboard and the different choices you have in scales and chord voicing.
  3. Apply these things to a group setting and know when to let loose and when to be a backup player.
  4. Fill space in a manner that compliments other players without overplaying.
  5. Understand the theory behind your favorite tunes and the tunes you write.
  6. How to practice effectively, and how to maximize progress while still enjoying your practice time. When its fun, we do it more, and get better faster.

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